New employees


Taneli Kaarela has begun working as a geotechnical designer and Ilkka Kerttula as a ground investigator in Geobotnia Oy.

Metsä Group bioproduct mill in Kemi


Geobotnia was invited to participate in Metsä Group’s bioproduct mill project in Kemi. When implemented, the project is the largest forest industry investment in Finnish history – with a total value of about EUR 1.5 billion. At the moment, ground investigations are done by Geobotnia and will continue during the Summer season 2019. The project will continue with project planning with the aim of making an investment decision and readiness for implementation in 2020.

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New employees


Juha Mikkola has begun working as a ground investigator and Helena Erkkilä as a technical assistant in the company.

Stora Enso POOL Project


Geobotnia Oy is the consultant in Stora Enso Oyj’s POOL Project. The project is part of a larger whole, linked to the renewal of production at the Oulu plant in Nuottasaari.

Column penetration tests and column vane shear tests


Geobotnia Oy has added column penetration tests and column vane shear tests to their range of services. The first ones are used to determine the shear strength of a column while the latter ones are used to determine the shear strength of a column at a certain depth.

In addition to these quality control tests, we offer amongst other the following ground and rock investigations:

o   weight sounding tests, dynamic probing tests and static dynamic penetration tests
o   piezocone penetration tests (CPTU), vane tests, pressuremeter tests
o   groundwater standpipe installations in soil and rock as well as water samplings
o   disturbed and undisturbed soil samplings
o   percussion drilling with drill rods or casing pipes
o   core samplings in rock
o   packer tests in rock, rock core sample logging and mineral aggregate tests


The first column vane shear test done by Geobotnia Oy

Geobotnia Oy designing the biggest wind turbines in the Nordics


Geobotnia Oy is responsible for geotechnical design of TuuliWatti Oy’s Viinamäki wind farm. In addition to geotechnical design, we are responsible for instance ground and bedrock investigations.

There will be five turbines installed in the wind farm. These turbines are as yet the biggest in the Nordic countries. The new wind farm will begin production in 2019.

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A new designer


Janne Kauppila started as a designer in the company.

A new junior designer


Juulia Väisänen has started working as a junior designer in the company.

Two new members to our field crew


Two new fieldworkers have started the training phase of the ground investigator recruitment programme at Geobotnia Oy on Monday, 27 November. The programme attracted a lot of interest and after the interviews carried out by the attending companies, a group of a little more than ten people was selected for the programme.

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